22 April, 2014

Wine and Dress Up

Today I spent an absolutely wonderful day with Genna, Lauren and Shannon. My mum gave me a Scoopon voucher to Eat Love Pizza in Darling Harbour, for the girls and I to enjoy. We each had an entree, main and dessert, along with two bottles of wine. You may ask, did we finish the two bottles between the four of us? The answer is yes. We had an awesome time laughing, eating and drinking our way through lunch. 

After our lunch we made our way to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, entry into the garden was $3 for students and to walk around for an unlimited amount of time in the traditional get-up was $10 each. The funny thing was, people thought we worked at the grounds and they kept asking for our picture; we didn't deny them of that honour. All in all, I had an awesome day with great food, great wine, and great friends. 


Drunk Claire 

Did you cringe? Because I did.
Does this look natural enough?
Oh my goodness, my friends are adorable! 

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