22 April, 2014

Easter With Shannon and Canon

I was given my Canon 1000D for my birthday/Christmas present back in 2009, when I was interested in photography. That interest and passion slowly diminished as I became distracted by other gadgets and hobbies. I slowly forgot how to use the manual settings on the camera, so then I changed to auto. After I wasn't happy with how my photos turned out on auto, I slowly started to dislike my camera. The less interested I was in Canon, the heavier, bulkier and unattractive it seemed. 

But on the weekend I had the sudden urge to bring my camera out on Easter Sunday, to get back into touch with my long lost friend - Canon. So along with my estranged camera and my darling English friend Shannon (who is staying with me for a week or two), we ventured through gardens and grazed the fields at Captain Cook's landing spot. In the evening we also went to see The Jerusalem Project at the Sydney Opera House. It was a very unique and authentic performance. 

Walking towards the Opera House, in extremely uncomfortable heels was a struggle to say the least. No one ever warns you about the cobbled stoned pathway a couple meters from the doors, but I Claire Jung am here to warn you. As I breached the stoney surface I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. Before Shannon or I knew it, I was wobbling, staggering and falling, falling, hard, onto the ground. I grazed my knee and created quite a spectacle of myself a few meters away from the doors. I took a deep breath before being helped up by Shannon, and was asked by strangers if I was alright. So there I was, at 7pm, walking into the Opera House with my heels in my hands, seemingly drunk and injured. 

It is so embarassing when, as a female you fail to walk in high heels. You know people will point and laugh at how ridiculously uncomfortable you look, so you have own it and deal with the consequences. For some reason I find myself trying to prove to the rest of the world that I am not simply conforming to a ridiculous charade, but wearing the shoes because I am capable of wearing them. But I have now concluded that maybe I am just not cut out for the task. 


Classy Claire. 

Camellia Gardens - Caringbah

Captain Cook's Landing Spot - Kurnell

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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