21 March, 2016

Look Up | Week 4 |

I just thought about the best ad ever.

a mind numb generation

standing on a train.

Coffee in one hand

eyes and fingers fixated to their screens, 

sounds secretly whispering in their ears.

They sway to the dance of the train,

feet planted trying to remain.


the train engineer slams on the breaks





tableau of expressions,




Government endorsed signage and slogan appear

"Free up your hands, some things are worth holding onto"

29 February, 2016

USYD Sighting | Week 1 |

I see all sorts of things. 

It is always constant. 

The crying babies.

The silence.

The vomit from the night before.

I roll in sluggishly.

and wait.

Then I am off again.

I am trampled on.

I am slow.

I am, A Train. 


It is the first week of uni. The first time being back after a glorious 3 months of holidays. I don't remember the last time I was around this many people. A constant, slow, trickling of students, in and out of buildings. It's quite a sight.

To think that all these people have their own important, rich lives, like I do.  And yet, they are mere figures that fill the landscape. Majority of which I will never speak to or interact with.

Coffee drinkers, coffee holders, coffee spills (me last semester). Nothing new.

Over priced, small portioned meals. Nothing new.

Boring and pointless week 1 lectures. Nothing new.

Short-lived motivation for the semester. Nothing new.

But, there are wonderfully new air-conditioned buildings, more open spaces to sit in, and new and exciting conversations to be had.

A 2nd year Commerce Student

23 January, 2016

The Past 6 Months

To whoever is still reading,

I haven't written on my blog for quite some time now. 

I was very lazy with the blog in 2015 and I was going to stop writing for good. 

But this year I want to be a lot more active on the blog and find time to enjoy coming up with content. 

I thought I would start off by giving you a catch up on the last 6 months of 2015. 


In July: I went on a European holiday with Caitlin where we travelled long hours, met new friends, ate food wherever we could, snapped a lot of photos, explored London (where Caitlin got pick pocketed) and saw all new worlds.

In August: I celebrated my two year anniversary with my boyfriend, went back to uni for semester 2, went to the Sydney Fish Markets for the first time, had a scrumptious feast at Miss G's and tried Sake, went for a day trip down to Wollongong, and had coffees at Icebergs Terrace. 

In September: I went to a free party at the Vogue Fashion Night Out where there were free makeovers, free food and free drinks, did the Coogee to Bondi walk for the first time, celebrated Father's Day, saw my adorable cousins, bought a hammock, and enjoyed a family outing to La Perouse. 

In October: I ate a lot of good food, went to the Sydney Food Festival, had dinner and drinks at Cronulla RSL, and celebrated my good friends' birthday at The Island. 

In November: I ate German food, turned 21 and celebrated some more birthdays.

In December: I had dinner at Jazzsushi for date night, went to Catalina Rose Bay for a late birthday celebration, I celebrated Christmas with the family, and surprised my boyfriend with a weekend away for his birthday over New Years Eve.

I don't think 2015 could have finished on a sweeter note.

In 2016 I look forward to more creative writing, indulging in new food, reading more books and enjoying uni life.

2016 Claire.