09 May, 2014

How Happy Are You?

Dear Future Claire,

I'm writing this letter as a reminder to why you started this challenge.

Why you should keep going and not be lazy about it.

Lately you have been complaining about ... everything.

You tell people that life is average, boring, tiring, ha lets be honest it feels


Going back to uni after not studying at all for a year is hard.

You feel like you are the only one who doesn't know what is going on in class.

Uni sucks sometimes, but you just have to get over it.

You haven't made many new friends. 

But this is your fault because you haven't put yourself out there enough.

And if you still haven't made any friends while reading this again, slap yourself.

Right now.

Working practically every afternoon post-uni is bloody exhausting.

But you need the money.

You love food too much to give it up, and you want to go to Europe next year right?

You feel distant from your existing friends,

but what are you doing to fix it?

You're questioning the religious beliefs you have been brought up with,

so the unanswered questions and confusion about this makes you anxious.

You have an army of menacing assignments and exams at your gates

and you honestly don't know how you will have time to prepare. 

You're in uni now, but you still haven't got a clue about what you want to do.

You still do not have passion for anything you are currently doing. 

But worst of all ... you let all these trivial things make your life "shit"

What are you complaining about?

You have the opportunity to study at uni

You have not one, but two jobs

A great house to live in, a stable family

Food on the table every night

Good health, and so much more. 

It's time to slap yourself again. 

Stop seeing life as a repetitive, exhausting, depressive, and lonely experience. 

It's time to man up, take a deep breath and enjoy the little things once again. 

The reason why you took on the 100happydays challenge is so that you could be

somewhat forced into keeping your eye out for and capturing the moments of 

happiness. Hopefully this will get you into the habit of seeing the blessings in 

what are seemingly shitty and exhausting days. 

That tiny step closer to being 



Present/Past Claire. 

The 100happydays challenge is when you commit to post a photo of what made you happy that day on your chosen social network site, for 100 days straight. 

If you want to take on what I am assuming will be a difficult challenge, or if you are just interested in finding out more about the foundation, click 'Go' to be redirected to the official website. 

Follow my 100 day journey on Instagram at:

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