11 November, 2013

Origins: Floral Art (Wk. 4)

I am going to be completely honest and say that I have been dreading to write this weeks floral art post. I thought my writing flare had dried up. That I didn't have anything else to offer. 

I couldn't think of anything clever to connect last weeks floral arrangement to something relevant in my life. I had no inspiration. 

Now of course that is rubbish! Inspiration is everywhere. But I felt like I was forcing it to come to me. I think that being inspired needs to be romantic and come naturally, organically and willingly. 

In last weeks floral art class we used native flowers. So I thought I would remind myself of why I started this blog. 

To take myself all the way back to the beginning - to one month ago.

I did this for me

And also for you.

I did this so I could focus on new things. To open my eyes and realise what I could achieve and experience if I was willing to let them happen. To write and share my new adventures with who ever wanted to read them.

Receiving encouragement about my blog has been incredibly humbling. The thought that people actually read my posts is amazing. I hope I can continue to inspire you and act as a breather from your busy life. 

I think I have been putting too much pressure on myself to write these weekly posts. And this has lead to me dreading to write this piece.

I realise that I need to actually enjoy writing each and every post. And in the future if get stressed thinking about my blog then I will take a break that week. 

To stop and absorb the goodness in the little moments. Instead of worrying about how I will write my next post, and basing my value on the number of views I get. 

I do love having an avenue to write. And I am relieved since I have admitted that I won't want to blog everything that happens in my life. And excuse me for being unbelievably generic, but sometimes it is better to live. in. the. moment

I hope you can forgive me this week. Here are some photos from last weeks class. 

Sometimes you need to let go of the reigns and simply enjoy. 

To let things be in their natural, wild and messy states. 

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