25 November, 2013

Flower Overload: Floral Art (Wk 5 & 6)

There are only two more weeks until I finish my floral art course.

Yes I know... some of you may be disappointed that you won't be seeing anymore flowers on my blog. Others will be glad because you want me to write about more interesting things. 

I never really understood the appeal of receiving flowers. I would much rather a guy spend his money on buying me dinner then on a bouquet of flowers.

Why? Because I've never owned a vase to keep them in and I knew that they would die within a week or so anyway. Plus... food is great.

My mum always used to say - flowers are a waste of money. And this is true in a way. They are expensive for such temporary things. To me this is another luxury. An unnecessary pleasure.  

However, during the past couple of weeks I have been surprised to see how much I have gotten out of these delicate plants. An overall appreciation. 

An appreciation because of the gratitude and reflection I have received through having a new arrangement in my house every week. 

Flowers act as representatives. They can symbolise; love, celebration, joy, encouragement, life, beauty, happiness, laughter, gentleness, elegance, and the list goes on. 

When you receive a beautiful bouquet you can't help but to feel instantly uplifted. Having a moment when you mirror the flowers - you feel loved, joyful, beautiful, happy etc. 

So please take this post as my gift to you. Enjoy the flowers in their eternal captured beauty. No matter how hard, tiring, boring or overwhelming last week may have been, take a breath. Have a moment.

Week 5. 'A frame, flat back arrangement.' 

In week 5 of floral art, we learnt how to make a flat back arrangement. As the name suggests, the flowers are created to have a flat back so they can be placed against walls and in corridors etc. 

This was another awkward arrangement to make, because I didn't really know if my end product looked unique and interesting or just plain random and wild. 

The flowers we used were; Snapdragons, Amaranthus' and Banksia. 

 The final product, ribbon and all. I call this one... sprouting beauty?

Week 6. 'Medium size arrangement - The Dome.'

In week 6 we created a medium sized arrangement. The vibrant flowers we used were; yellow Gerberas, red roses, and Leucadendrons.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy" Anne Frank

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