29 February, 2016

USYD Sighting | Week 1 |

I see all sorts of things. 

It is always constant. 

The crying babies.

The silence.

The vomit from the night before.

I roll in sluggishly.

and wait.

Then I am off again.

I am trampled on.

I am slow.

I am, A Train. 


It is the first week of uni. The first time being back after a glorious 3 months of holidays. I don't remember the last time I was around this many people. A constant, slow, trickling of students, in and out of buildings. It's quite a sight.

To think that all these people have their own important, rich lives, like I do.  And yet, they are mere figures that fill the landscape. Majority of which I will never speak to or interact with.

Coffee drinkers, coffee holders, coffee spills (me last semester). Nothing new.

Over priced, small portioned meals. Nothing new.

Boring and pointless week 1 lectures. Nothing new.

Short-lived motivation for the semester. Nothing new.

But, there are wonderfully new air-conditioned buildings, more open spaces to sit in, and new and exciting conversations to be had.

A 2nd year Commerce Student


  1. Very clever poem of the train!

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