11 January, 2014

Obligatory New Year Resolutions

"Obligatory" because I have a blog.

"New Year" because the date has changed.

"Resolutions" because I want to see if setting them will make a difference.

It's time to roll your eyes. Yes, yes, it is another one of these. These generic, boring statements. That post that everyone seems to need to address. To address the fact that it is a new year.

To debate and question what makes New Years Day so important? That time of the year that everyone seems to have the same complaint that they still think is humorous.

You know the, "OMG I keep writing 2013 down when I write the date, It's so frustrating!"

You must be bored out of your mind hearing the same thing over and over again. So I won't be one of those people. I won't ramble on about how it doesn't feel like a new year but just another day.

Or explain why I think celebrating New Years Eve with a huge party is overrated. Or mention how the millions of dollars used for the annual fireworks could be more effciently injected into the economy.

Perhaps you are sick of hearing the naive positivity and passion in New Year posts - that generally die out in a couple weeks. Perhaps, you are even sick of hearing my positive and youthful life experiential antics.

I will not mention all the above in any more detail than I already have. I am sure you have heard it all before. But what you can't escape from is hearing my resolutions for this year, because that is why you clicked on this link is it not?

Here is a well known theory that I would like to call....

THE NYE BEER GOGGLES: Intoxicated by overexcitement, naive hope and majority of the time it is alcohol, we have submerged into this mentality that if we think of a few generic things we would like to achieve in the new year that they will magically happen. That when it comes to this time next year we are confused to why we continue setting down the same goals because they have not yet been reached. It seems that because someone decided to make new year resolutions a western tradition, it automatically makes them invincible. Suddenly when the clock strikes 12, we are under the impression that if we list everything we ever wanted to accomplish in our lives, they will be resolved. This my friends is a delusion. Beer goggles. Unless you set out realistic goals and ways in which you can achieve them, they are not going to magically be ticked off your list. 

But do not get me wrong. You can dream higher, push harder, work more efficiently, and strive to be a better person. But simply listing those things doesn't make them realistic resolutions. How will you accomplish the things on your list? If we are going to accept the hopeless notion of making new year resolutions, let's do it right. Don't make it an empty tradition but something that pushes you all year around. 

So after all those words of me rambling on about not wanting to ramble on about new years, here are my resolutions. They are not original or thought provoking goals, nor did it take me that long to think of them. These are simply things that I believe I can stick with and want to achieve this year.

  • Discover different worlds, characters and language by reading more. 
I definitely do not read as much as I would like to. And I am going to do something about that so I never have to say the previous sentence again. Practically I will do this by always having an answer to what I am "currently reading." To always have a book I want to delve into after the one I am holding in my hand. It is not about speed but about getting into the habit of good reading. Read recommended books, spend less money on clothes and more on buying books, investigate whether I truly like crime fiction or not, to determine if newspapers are as boring as I remember when my mum tried to enticed me to read by giving me pocket money after I wrote reviews on the articles I skimmed. I want to have a confident answer to the question "what is your favourite novel?" I want to be a person others ask for good book recommendations.

  • Discover new lands, cultures, peoples and food by first saving money. 
This may be the hardest one for me this year. Yes, it is not surprise that I have trouble with saving. After purchasing my first "expensive" t-shirt at General Pants Co. in year 8, spending lots of money on clothes became easier and easier for me to do. Hence, my goal is to save at least half of what I am paid during the month no matter what. Effectively cutting off a lot of my money fund. From working at the frozen yogurt joint to helping out my mum, at least half of what I get paid. I do have a GoalSaver account that I deposit money into (rarely) but it has not been a very effective way for me to save. At the end of the day, if I want something online and don't have the money for it, I will transfer money into my everyday account and get that skirt instead of thinking about my trip to Europe. So... I am going to put a lock on my GoalSaver or even open up a new account where I can not withdraw any money until a pre-proposed time. It's going to be tough, but has to be done. For the sake of my travel fund. 

  • Discover how performance can emotionalise, challenge and entertain me by watching more theatre.
This will be another hard one to accomplish this year. Because it involves having the time and money to complete. Theatre as I described in an earlier post, is the highest form of entertainment and luxury for me. A trip to the theatre to attend a live show is the biggest treat for me. I already know realistically that I will not be able to afford going to the theatres as often as I would like (which would be every fortnight.) So I would like to go once every couple months, and when it is not possible simply expose myself to more theatrical readings and theory. This may include reading more plays and possibly doing research on famous practitioners, playwrights, directors, performers, and styles of theatre. Just to continue to expand my knowledge and depth in my interest of theatre. 

  • Discover the world around me by visiting a new place every month.
This one may sound difficult to achieve at first, but I know it will be possible to do. This is to simply keep my eye out for new places I can visit and experience throughout the year. To constantly be driven to try new things and visit places I may not usually choose at first glance. I am excited to even regret and hate some of my experiences but to absolutely enjoy and be pleasantly surprised by many others. This can be as simple as finding a park I have never walked by, a new cafe I never bothered to eat at, to possibly visiting a suburb that I have not yet explored, or going on a short road trip. Perhaps I shouldn't make it as strict as having to find a new place every month. I suppose it is more romantic and fun if it is done more organically and naturally. I basically want to make sure I am finding more places and reasons why I love home.

2014, my year of discovery. 

"2014" because I know how to write the date properly.

"my year of" because I need the unnecessary reminder that it's my life.

"discovery" because there is such mystery and excitement about being opened up to what was once unknown.

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